bloom care

If you’re like us, you can’t even be trusted with a goldfish; you’re practically a looming death sentence. No fear, you’ve got your
bloom babes here. We're confident these floral tips will be absolute game changers. 



When your blooms meet their vase for the first time, be a solid winglady / wingman and help them showcase their best self. Prune and strip away all leaves hitting below the water level. Nappy stems won't lead to date number two, bacteria will form quickly, killing any attraction.  


The first cut is always the deepest, when it comes to flowers, it can also be a death sentence. Trade in your rough and tough scissors coming in way too hot for a softer and more subtle approach - sharp knife style. Scissors can crush the stems (coming in at them from both sides), preventing water absorption. 


Getting friendly with acute angles will give your blooms homecourt advantage. Cut your stems at a 45 degree angle each time you change the H2O. This gives them more surface area to chug their liquid gold. If you cut your stems straight across, it's like telling them to take a deep breath with a plastic bag over their head.  


Change your floral water every 1-2 days in order to keep them feeling so fresh and so clean. Would you want to drink out of a 2-year-old's cup filled with a plethora of goldfish floaties?  Don't force your blooms to drink "backwash" and fester in two-day-old bathwater.  

keep it g rated

Keep your water extra clean by adding a couple drops of bleach to each batch of new water - this will keep bacteria from getting too handsy.

wilted weight watchers

Ditch the crystalized flower food, unless you want to inflict a miserable and painful death upon your blooms due to obstructed stem tracts. Those crystals may look like yummy pixie stick dust, but sugar, they ain't sweet. They will wedge themselves in deep, like they jumped into a love sack, keeping your blooms from being able to drink.

only britney can slay toxic

Remove any wilting or dying flowers/stems as soon as they appear. Letting them get hot and steamy with the healthy flowers will only prove to be toxic. A masterful arena of heartbreak. 

talk blooms to them

In a world where you can be anything, be kind. Blooms need positive vibes, sunshine pep talks, and love thrown around like confetti. Make sure they know exactly how pretty they really are and give them the encouragement to bloom as they are.