Why Blooms? 

Blooms are always a good idea, always. They are a perfectly petaled partner-in-crime for any and every occasion. We are here to tag-team, as your favorite side chick, to put a little party in every day.

  • You've got the feels, that gives us warm fuzzies too.
  • You're growing a human, we are totally down for namesakes.  
  • You got out of bed, clap for yo’ dang self, we know the struggle is real.
  • You made a mistake, here's an eraser.
  • You're feeling under the weather, splurge on the fancy tissues with lotion.
  • You were born, you're welcs world! Happy Birthday Month!
  • You have clean underwear, holla, you're winning at this adulting thing.
  • You got a promotion, get on with yo' bad self, Boss Babe!
  • You are YOU, that is your superpower.

The little things, the little moments… they aren't actually little at all. So, don't save anything for a special occasion because TODAY is a special occasion. Cheer yourself and your wolfpack on for every tiny victory. Dust your shoulders off from every skinned knee. We are here to celebrate YOU, bloom style, because in our eyes you're always a VIP. Put on your party pants (or stretchy pants, you do you, boo), toss up some confetti, and take the time to stop and smell the roses, literally!

To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people just exist, that is all.
— Oscar Wilde
Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.
— Oscar Wilde

Chief Bloom Babe

Shiann Chambers

I would’ve preferred to introduce myself by dropping mad rap rhymes with nothing less than a killer beat. However, I know Hamilton hasn’t gotten enough hype - so, I decided to share the spotlight. We all know sharing really is caring. #goldstar

Drum roll pretty please....

Hi, I'm Shi - the most put-together-hot-mess you're ever going to find. I eat skittles for breakfast, my soul speaks in gangsta rap, and I am queen of the nervous giggle.

I've been ran over by a golf cart and a massive street sweeper while doing cartwheels. I've been stung by pink jelly fish and choked on a delicious sucker to the point of turning purple. I've ventured out on a ferry boat to Albania and was shoved in a taxi for 14+ hours contemplating every scene of "Taken" as we passed through Albania, Montenegro, Croatia, and Bosnia. I have 4 glorious inches left of my colon and kidney stones absolutely love to give me high-fives. I have been body slammed to the curb by a mean moped and I have the knees of a 90-year-old gran gran. I've been on dates with men sporting green toes, obsessed with petting clavicles, and gifters of yogurt and full size unicorns. I've had a solid $10 in my bank account (insert - "I can always make it rain at the dollar store" pep talk here) and I have paid for gas with pennies.

Look, Ma! No hands! I am still here to tell these tales. I am comfortable flirting with "plot twists," keeping my day-to-day fresh to death. I have learned to leave room in life for unexpected magic and massive amounts of glitter.

If I could have a tea party with myself as a 5-year-old peanut, I would tell her - life has a funny way of keeping you on your toes. One second it can be a nappy pigeon, pooping right in the center of your head (after you just washed your hair, I might add). Then, in a wink, it can be  the sweetest little seagull sharing it's most treasured french fry.

We live at a time where the grass always looks greener - but, baby, it's green where you water it. Cupcakes are just muffins that believed in miracles and I’m one step away from funfetti frosting.

Your Forever Fangirl,